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A Chalidryte emerging from a space-time portal.

A writhing mass of tentacles crushed our guy...? I'm gonna need a drink for this one.

Vespid Heterodonyx, in slight disbelief of Rhopalix Sivintalica's murderers.

The Chalidrytes (nicknamed the Old Gods and called Gatekeepers by the Agnaren and other inhabitants of T'rthrium) were sentient swarming masses of tentacles that once inhabited Universe BR-45327/A before its destruction.

Avaene Herral and Rhopalix Sivintalica briefly encountered the Chalidrytes after being thrown through space and time by a jury-rigged warp gate. Rhopalix did not survive the encounter, but Avaene was returned to Universe BR-45327/B relatively unscathed.


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The Chalidrytes are highly regenerative creatures; a culture of seemingly-dead Chalidryte tissue collected by the Empire of Namine for analysis came back to life and fused to the large metal Petri dish in which it was being studied.

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  • The appearance and nickname of the Chalidrytes are a reference to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
  • The Chalidrytes were named for Chalidryn, a dead language that was etched onto tablets found discarded from the CM/XI Boundary.
  • Thegalet coined the name "Chalidryte," saying:

That aside, "tentacle monster" is such an ugly name. Rhopalix called them the "Old Gods." Well, I'm not fuckin' worshiping their slimy asses, so I'm gonna name them after their language: "Chalidryte." Callin' 'em "Chalidrytes."

–Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2