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Here I'll be documenting wiki bug-squashing and major changes to the lore. Also rants/raves about current work in the project.

Lore Changes

Q3 '19 Refresh (The "Soft" Reboot)

The Soft Reboot gave me a lot to think about, and I realized that the Ilanians have stagnated because I've made the lore around them too clunky and far too inflexible. Changes are being made to fix this, both in retcons and new lore additions. Major changes are the diversification of Ilanian factions, and the movement of primary characters out from under the Dominion of Ilan. I'll try to list changes here, but won't give a perfect play by play

  • House Minaytinu
    • All mentions have House Minyautinu have been replaced by House Herral. Last names of major characters have been changed to reflect this
  • Alarian Splinter
    • The Alarian Splinter is a new faction of Ilanians based in the Milky Way, as an abandoned confederation of Ilanian colonies and a beachhead for their interests in the galaxy.

Wiki Updates

Wiki Updates: Original Wiki Post (Circa Late 2016)

We have finished the process of transferring all information from the original Unbroken Wikia to this website. To our knowledge, all pages have been successfully transferred over and all categories have been established and populated with pages. Please inform Bryan or Devin if a page that was present on Wikia is not present here. Additionally, you may find some broken links on the wiki thanks to missing redirects--though as far as we are aware, all broken links have been rewritten. Once more, inform one of the two aforementioned users of this, and the link will be fixed. Furthermore, we are enforcing a new naming convention (Firstname.lastname), and therefore, old user pages have not been directly transferred. To cap off the list of known issues, there is no visual editor (which we may or may not implement), and a few loose files remain unimported; though at this stage, we have transferred 90% of what we need, so any unimported loose files were likely unnecessary and will remain unimported. Thank you for your patience as we continue to grow into our new platform.

Wiki Updates: 8-27-17

The wiki in its entirety has been pushed to a cloud host. If you encounter any bugs that are NOT a Keilicaela, let Devin know so that he may look into it!

Wiki Update: 11-3-19

11.3.19 SPECIAL UPDATE: The Wiki has been upgraded to a new version. If you encounter any fuckery Devin hasn't been notified of yet, tag him in #unbroken so he can look into it. Screenshots are nice.

Server Update: 3-17-20

3.17.20 SPECIAL UPDATE: The server host has been updated -- tag Devin in #unbroken with a screenshot if something is broken.

Wiki Update: 6-19-22

6.19.22 SPECIAL UPDATE: Permissions have been updated where Bryan can fuck up all code-base pages for the Wiki. If there's something fucked, let Devin know ASAP


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