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The Abiogenesis (also called the Elder Vessel) is a Singularity ship capable of creating entire planets. Ostensibly, the vessel existed to enable the demi-Singularities to directly manipulate the Root Universe autonomously, but was later modified to combat Chalidrytes and manipulate space-time as a means of closing the CM/XI Boundary.

Creation Engines

The Creation Engines of the Abiogenesis were meant to create and destroy planets on a whim, but were later modified by both the Kraniir and the Flarix for different purposes:

  • Modification of the space-time continuum (Kraniir)
  • Large-scale Reconstitutor functionality (Flarix)

Thanks to the modifications of the Flarix, the Abiogenesis was consigned to Lower Singularium by the Kraniir after the events of the Singularity Civil War. The Second Flarix Uprising would see the Flarix flee after it.


  • Quite notably, the Abiogenesis is the first known space vessel to have ever existed.
  • The Creation Engines on the Abiogenesis are responsible for the existence of Earth, Namine, and many other worlds.
  • The Abiogenesis's on-board Creation Engines were researched and modified by the Flarix to create the Reconstitutor.