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Much of Unbroken's lore is written through role-play sessions. These sessions are divided into multiple story arcs, each with multiple events that build character development, create species and faction lore, and push the storyline further as a whole. This section of the Wiki details Unbroken's story arcs.

Story Arcs

  • Terreki (Unofficial name for pre-resurrection of Namine sessions [pre-Skype])
  • Namine (Unofficial name for post-Terreki sessions [pre-Skype])
  • Empire/Alignment War
  • Ilanian (concurrent with Empire/Alignment War)
  • Juareq
  • Crysek
  • Nimbus (Cancelled)
  • Eternal Solace
  • Princefall, Act I: The Hunt (Current; ongoing)
  • Princefall, Act II: Entrapment (Planned)
  • Frostbite (Planned)
  • New Confederacy (Planned)
  • Machine Wars (Planned)
  • Project Theta (Proposed)
  • Tyriit (Planned)
  • Derelict (Planned)
  • Eternal Solace 2 (Proposed)
  • Seething Sting (Planned)
  • Cyonyx (Planned)