Armada of Namine's Fire

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Armada of Namine's Fire
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Major Species Keilicaela
Homeplanet Namine
Year Founded 949 PRE
Leaders Vespid Heterodonyx and Captain Sardoniryx
Status Active
Notable Allies Alarian Splinter, Ashderian Regime, The Vigilant
Notable Enemies The Corruption, Qualdron Alignment, the Chalidrytes and Agnaren, the Flarix
Other Affiliations Initially a standalone fleet; inducted into the Second Empire of Namine at its formation; includes Venom Squadron among other possible fighter detachments

The Armada of Namine's Fire is a fleet of vessels created in response to the Fall of Namine in 949 PRE. It exists to this day as the personal attack fleet of Imperial Supreme Commander Vespid Heterondyx.


At the time of its creation, the fleet consisted of volunteer vessels and warships from the Empire of Namine's routed defense fleet over Namine. From the years of 949 PRE until 976 PRE, the Armada both hunted the Corruption throughout the Milky Way and protected Namine from further Corruption attacks. Around 963 PRE, the Armada was summoned to Terreki by the Terreki Resistance to help extinguish the Corruption presence on the planet. Following the successful purging of Corruption forces from Terreki by the Armada, the Terreki Resistance would go on to integrate into the Armada. In particular, Vespid Heterodonyx rose to the rank of Field Admiral after joining and serving over the course of thirteen years. All known Corruption instances became extinct in 975 PRE, thanks in large part to the Armada and their newfound allies in the Ashderian First Fleet, the Vigilant, and the Alarian Splinter. In 980 PRE, when the Second Empire of Namine was initiated with Vespid at its helm, the Armada was officially induced into the Empire's fleet. The Armada is currently under Vespid's direct command, accompanying him into confrontations such as Operation Venom and the Battle of the Boundary.

Constituent Vessels

Vessels currently or formerly within the Armada of Namine's fire include, but are not limited to: