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An artificial intelligence (almost exclusively shortened to AI) is a machine capable of perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information. When such a system is self-aware, it is said to be sapio-synthetic.

AI Across Cultures

Dominion of Ilan

After disastrous failures developing sapio-synthetic intelligences based off of their own neural pathways, the Dominion enlisted sapio-synthetic Ancillas. Originally created by the ancestors of the Ilanians, the Prime Ancestors, the Ancilla are bound by a pair of overarching directives, respectively the Directive of Obfuscation and the Directive of Endowment. The most powerful of Dominion artificial intelligences is the Fenix Correlation, a hivemind of several thousand Ancillas working in tandem. It is possible for an Ancilla to be ejected from the Correlation, resulting in a fully-functional individual. This is how Cinetik and the Jakob AI Fragment came into being.

Empire of Namine

The Empire of Namine granted personage to their artificial intelligences not long after they were proven self-aware in 500 PRE. As such, they are afforded the same liberties as an organic Imperial citizen and enjoy the right to self-determination as opposed to existing for pre-determined tasks. Low-level rudimentary non-sapio-synthetic AIs are often employed for specific, menial tasks, but Imperial culture typically views the difference between a "personed" sapio-synthetic AI and an unfeeling, unaware AI the same as the difference between a Keilicaela and a common animal. Highlighting this difference, the vast majority of sapio-synthetic Keilicaelaac AI develop personalities; whether this is done to better interface with their organic counterparts, is a byproduct of their sapience, or is done purely for self-gratifying reasons is not entirely clear (indeed, many Keilicaelaac AI would be unable to answer this question). Keilcaelaac AI matrices are just as--if not more--complex than the organic brain of a Keilicaela; a Keilicaelaac AI fully understanding its own matrix would be as to an organic Keilicaela mastering neuroscience. Many Keilicaelaac AI choose to house their matrices in mobile constructs, either becoming androids if their construct mimics an organic shape, or simply a sapient robot if their construct is more mechanical in nature. Fewer Keilicaelaac AI choose to exist solely in network infrastructure (I.E., a wholly digital existence), within shipboard computers, or in stationary computer spikes.


The Vigilant is known to create sapio-synthetic AI in the image of specific deceased Vigilant operatives. These constructs are known as Revenants. One such Revenant is Alaric, a synthetic recreation of the Vigilant's founder, who originally fell in battle to the Currai Imperium over the course of the War of Deliverance.

Notable AIs