Ashderian Regime

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Ashderian Regime
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Major Species Ashderian
Homeplanet Originates from Voyakarai; now operates from habitation vessels in orbit of an uncharted magentar; has some presence on Namine
Year Founded Circa 543 RE
Leaders Nikanicreon Dara'croix
Status Active
Notable Allies Empire of Namine, Dominion of Ilan, Vigilant
Notable Enemies Tyriit, the Corruption, Crysek Holy Conglomerate, the Heretics
Other Affiliations N/A

The Ashderian Regime is the sole known remnant of the expatriated Vokyran Ascendancy, whom currently live aboard habitation-vessels in seclusion.


Comprised of Ashderians, the Regime is a moderately authoritarian state maintaining an isolated branch, multi-level government system and mixed economy like their precursors. The Regime has participated in several galactic events, and is notably allied with the Empire of Namine. The faction is lead by the elected former Navarch, Nikanicreon of Voyakarai, and an executive cabinet of administrators.


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The Ashderian Regime's governmental structure is a skeleton of what the Vokyran Ascendancy's was; the Juridical Protectorate has all but been completely destroyed, with only the Sahldari and expansive historical archives remaining. The Combinate Assembly is still in operation, and is arguably the largest of the governmental factions. The Assembly's domain mainly resides within the habitation-vessels, as leaders of the massive civilian population who is currently aboard the vessels. The Military branch, otherwise known as the Riviok, are also still in operation. The Riviok, like before, still handle all matters regarding protection and war. The Executive Branch is operative as necessary with the ongoing extended crisis status, and is led by a leader and an administration of officials.

Without the framework provided by the Protectorate, the meritocratic policies of government admission for the Combinate Assembly have been reduced. This has the effect of letting more of the common people into the government, but also has reduced the number of confirmed qualified officials serving. Most pointedly, it has increased the chances of corruption and self-serving individuals hijacking policy and laws.

The Riviok's admission policies are inherently different, which has allowed them to skirt some of the effects of the lack of Juridical Protectorate framework.

Current Status

The Regime currently is operating under an extended-crisis status, which instates the Executive Branch for quick decisions in emergency or sensitive situations. Nikan is currently the elected Executive Sovereign of this branch.

Without the Juridical Protectorate to maintain order, proper functioning, and corruption control among the government, relations between the branches have been deteriorating. The Combinate Assembly is concerned about the power the Executive branch currently exercises, citing rational indicating that an executive system which gives large amounts of decision-making power to a small number of individuals is an outdated method of government prone to corruption and dictatorialism. The Riviok however, openly side with the Executive Branch, specifically Nikan's administration. The resulting political friction has had destablizing effects among the government, with some fearing that continuation in such a manor will lead the nation down a path similar to that of the Currai Imperium.

For decades, the Regime has been aggressively seclusionist, hiding their fleet and habitation-vessels around a volatile, presumably uncharted magnetar. There has been a political movement calling for outward expansion and military buildup from many Riviok leaders, and several officials in the Executive branch, much to the dismay of the Combinate Assembly.


Logistically, the regime is limited but reasonably stable. However, years of seclusion, hostile encounters with various species, an unsecure galactic presence, and the effects of the considerable losses in the Andromeda galaxy at the hands of the Tyriit have taken their toll on morale. Not having a secure sense of prosperity (or even survival,) few are birthing children. The result is population decline; a dire circumstance with only 720 million Ashderians left, perhaps in the entire universe.


  • Officially, the Regime still operates under the name of its precursor, "Vokyran Ascendancy," however the misnomer "Ashderian Regime" became a popular name among other species as a descriptor of the current iteration of the Ashderian Nation.


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