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Species Ashderian
Factions Currai Imperium
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ashreksas was an Ashderian and former Currai Imperium terrorist, anarchist, and deceptive mastermind commonly known for his acts of savagery and oppression.

Early Life

Information about his early life has not been disclosed.

Royal Guard

Ashreksas was a high member in the Currai Imperium leader's guardsmen. When the capitol building fell, Nikanicreon Dara'croix shot him several times in the chest with Ashreksas's own weapon, allegedly killing him. It is exceedingly apparent that Ashreksas somehow survived the ordeal.

Recent Undertakings

In spite of having been active during the time of the Currai Imperium, Ashreksas lived long enough (whether through cryo-preservation or other means) to be responsible for the Syndicate-Conglomerate War along with the Hivemind Crisis. In the former, the mastermind manipulated the Syndicate powers to deal massive casualties to the Holy Conglomerate of Litiket. In the latter, as a follow-up to the conflict, he conspired with a traitorous, power-hungry Imperial Tribune to partially reactivate the Helminth and construct the Insanity Hub as a means to turning the Keilicaela into a hivemind under Ashreksas's control. His plans failed thanks to the actions of the Syndicate--not to mention the interference of his own business partners.


Ashreksas was finally slain in the Insanity Hub, ending the Hivemind Crisis. Sovereign Commander Nikanicreon Dara'croix is credited with his death, finishing what he started years prior; Nikan used his own teeth to rip Ashreksas's throat out, following an old military execution style passed down for many generations. Then, in an act of mockery, Nikan ended Ashreksas's life with Ashreksas's own pistol, which Nikan had kept on his wall for many years.


Ashreksas was calm, cold, and calculating. Even when something of great excitement for him (such as watching a colony being leveled) was taking place, he kept his energy contained. He took pure delight in watching others suffer, and would often commit heinous acts just for his own personal amusement. It was even more delightful for him when the ones who cared about his victims got to watch.