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What is Lee? A substance-addicted war machine.

Bryan, describing Avaene to one of the players on his server.

Avaene Herral
Species Ilanian
Factions Alarian Splinter, Dominion of Ilan, Terreki Conglomerate (formerly), Terreki Resistance (formerly)
Age 26 Galactic Standard Years
Status Alive
Height 2.3 metres
Weight 110 kg

Avaene Herral, better known as Lee or Warmaster 21, is a primary character in Unbroken. An Ilanian Archon and Warmaster, he serves as the High Archon of House Herral in the Alarian Splinter.


Early Life

Avaene began his life as one of very few children born to the previous High Archon of Ilan, Caraetona Herral, before her death. Growing up in the selective care of his mother's (and later his sister, Takar Herral's) handmaidens, he lived in the higher floors of the Adamantine Tower, learning the traditional ways of Ilanian martial practice. Such activities did not go unnoticed by his sister, the sitting High Archon, and soon he was sent into the Spine Facility for conscription into the Warmaster program. Excelling in CQB combat and stealth, he was awarded merits of combat and selected to be personally trained by graduates of the first Warmaster Program. Upon completion of the program, he returned home, married Fin'ar Tyrannus, fathered a child, and took up residence in Dräk's Keep of Solace. During his service he had deployments on TG-45CC/3, TD-88EW/7, and UI-11VB/5 as a scout.

Role in the Ilanian Civil War and Ilanian Corruption Event

After several more deployments, Avaene was tasked back home to the Adamantine Tower during the period of unrest before the Great Schism. At the height of pre-war tensions between the Imperial Family and the Master's Senate, the Wasting Plague was introduced on EC-90QS/2 in the first biological terrorist attack of the war. In his position heading the security detail for his sister, Avaene was able to witness the diplomatic breakdown of both factions. Avaene personally led the defense in the Battle of the Adamantine Tower, successfully repelling rebel forces and dealing them a significant loss.

Creation of the Alarian Splinter

After his conscripted service ended, his sister selected him to act as the High Archon of a colonization fleet, and he chose Alaria to serve as the colony group's capital world.

Pre-Current Events

Arrival on Terreki and Meeting with Vespid Heterodonyx

Sometime after the end of his conscription, Avaene ended up cast through a Resonance Gate by unknown means, sending him to the paired Gate on Terreki. The travel weakening his body, he crawled from the structure and was luckily found by a passing villager. Taking him to their community, he was nursed back to health, learning their language. When he was well, he repaid his debt by hunting, guarding, and providing in semi-servitude. On one of his hunting trips, he met Vespid Heterodonyx--a Keilicaela who was, at the time, stranded on Terreki and scavenging to survive. The two had a scuffle, resulting in an impaired arm for Avaene and Vespid's leg injured. Ever since, they have formed a lasting bond as warriors, and perhaps is one of Vespid's oldest friends.


  • Due to the nature of his conscription, Avaene has little memory of his past and openly contradicts himself at times.
  • Like most Warmasters, Avaene is an addict of the psychotropic augmentation compound known as Liath Saol, and going too long without a dosage rapidly sets him into withdrawal symptoms. It can be assumed he uses it to manage his mental illness. Without regular dosage, he becomes moody, antisocial, and uncontrollably violent.
  • During the first iteration of the Nimbus story arc, Devin had Avaene slated to die mid-arc.
  • Clinically, Avaene would suffer from schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • When Avaene graduated the Warmaster Program, he stole the issued Protosword and Protodagger before leaving.
  • At one time, Avaene's hand strikes were timed at an astonishing forty-five miles per hour in full combat harness.
  • He is a furry uwu[1]


  1. Inshallah, you look back upon this in shame. But I know you don't.