Battle of the Boundary

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Battle of the Boundary
Part of the Boundary Cataclysm
Battle of the Boundary
The Battle of the Boundary was a successful--if only narrowly--operation to reclaim the Abiogenesis for the Kraniir.
Date 986 PRE
Location The CM/XI Boundary
Result Narrow victory for the Kraniir and their allies
The Syndicate,
The Kraniir
The Flarix Nilvorin,
The Chalidrytes
Vespid Heterodonyx,
Nikanicreon Dara'croix,
Avaene Herral,
Narithar Nilvorin,
The Agnaren
The Armada of Namine's Fire,
Three additional unnamed Imperial destroyers,
One additional unnamed Imperial capital ship,
An unknown but massive number of Imperial fighters,
The Aquilae,
The Masa'kari,
Five Regime destroyers,
Eleven Regime corvettes,
Fifteen Regime cruisers,
An unknown but massive number of Regime fighters,
The Archon's Warfleet,
The Vanguard,
The All but Without Mercy,
An unknown but massive number of Vigilant vessels,
A Corruption fleet larger than the one responsible for the Fall of Namine,
An unknown but massive number of Kraniir infiltrator craft
The Abiogenesis Nilvorin,
seven or more Chalidryte tentacles protruding through the Boundary,
Most of the inhabitants of Lower Singularium,
a previously-unknown fleet of ships from Lower Singularium with number to rival the combined forces of the Kraniir and their allies
Destruction of the Cold Oblivion,
Destruction of the Disconsolate Obsolescence,
The death of most of Venom Squadron,
An unknown but significant number of Imperial fighters destroyed,
Severe damage to the Aquilae,
Severe damage to the All but Without Mercy,
An unknown but significant number of Vigilant ships destroyed,
An unknown but significant number of ships within the Archon's Warfleet destroyed,
Destruction of the Mother Titanic,
An unknown nut significant number of Kraniir infiltrators destroyed,
Baratanx's core energies reverted into a nebula,
All Corruption ships destroyed or rendered inert
The Abiogenesis falling into Kraniir control,
Narithar's core energies severely depleted
All Lower Singularium ships destroyed or rendered inert,
Nilvorin and Zinthros temporarily displaced from the Root Universe

The Battle of the Boundary was a massive conflict that took place in close proximity to the CM/XI Boundary. It was one of the most important conflicts in the Boundary Cataclysm, including belligerents from multiple factions and allegiances.