Chyphid Thalcritidae

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Chyphid Thalcritidae
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Species Human
Factions Empire of Namine
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Chyphid Thalcritidae is a Human who serves the Empire of Namine as one of New Thutria's head security officers.

Early Life

Understanding that Chyphid is a Human, it can be inferred that he was born on Moirai, or, less likely, Earth. Given his Keilicaelaac name, however, Chyphid was likely moved into Imperial territory at a very young age and raised by Keilicaela parents.


  • Chyphid is a natural speaker of the Keilicaelaac language, though he requires the assistance of a translation unit for the more complex vocalizations of the language that are impossible to render with human mouthparts.
  • Though his primary language is Keilicaelaac, Chyphid has learned one of his ancestral languages, English, through the use of literature and androids. He requires no translator to speak English, but utters his words with a Keilicaelaac accent.