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Species N/A (artificial intelligence)
Factions Dominion of Ilan
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Cinetik is a fragment of the primary Fenix Correlation, which was tasked as a planetary defense AI for Ilan before escaping with Warmaster 21 to Terreki during the Ilanian Schism and (milder) Corruption Crisis. 


While Cinetik is typically a static AI who resides in the AI core of the IDF's foothold near New Thutria, he also has adaptive harnesses he can inhabit.

Undercover Harness

Cinetik's Undercover Harness was first introduced at a funeral, which was subsequently bombed. His main body color is black, with sugar-dusted socks and gloves. His ears have the same spotted white appearance, as well as the tip of his tail. A large trio of white slashes cross his lower abdomen. Yellow-green synthetic eyes glow from under his brow. Typically he wears smoked glass goggles as a headband, and is adorned in a long-tailed white laboratory coat.

As A Villain

Cinetik revealed his true nature when he moved to kidnap Avaene and use him in order to open Conquest's Archive. Coalition forces dealt his fleet a crushing defeat at the Battle at the Gas Giant, stopping him from making overt moves in order to retrieve the High Archon.