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Major Species Corruption Virus and anything so infected
Homeplanet Unknown
Year Founded 949 PRE (second strain in 981 PRE; third strain in 986 PRE)
Leaders N/A; hivemind
Status Defunct
Notable Allies Qualdron Alignment (when resurrected in 981 PRE and until Operation Venom)
Notable Enemies Empire of Namine and most of the Milky Way Galaxy
Other Affiliations N/A

The Corruption were a diverse conglomerate of multiple species infected by the nanite-based Corruption Virus before their extinction in 976 PRE.

Five years later, the Qualdron Alignment managed to bring the Corruption back from extinction through means currently unknown for use as a biosynthetic-weapon in the Empire-Alignment War. They were subsequently fought back into extinction by the Empire of Namine in 983 PRE. A third strain was created by the Kraniir three years later for the Battle of the Boundary in 986 PRE; this strain was unable to infect any organism and was wiped out over the course of the conflict.