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Major Species Corruption Virus and anything so infected
Homeplanet N/A; has roots in the Death Plague from Angen-2
Year Founded 949 PRE (second strain in 981 PRE; third strain in 986 PRE)
Leaders N/A; hivemind
Status Defunct
Notable Allies Qualdron Alignment (when resurrected in 981 PRE and until Operation Venom)
Notable Enemies Keilicaela Empire and most of the Milky Way Galaxy
Other Affiliations Created by Caranak

The Corruption were a diverse conglomerate of multiple species infected by the Corruption Virus before their supposed extinction in 975 PRE.

Six years later, the Qualdron Alignment managed to bring the Corruption back from the genetic graveyard by modifying Death Plague genes into a new strain of Corruption for use as a bio-weapon in the Empire-Alignment War. They were subsequently fought back into extinction by the Keilicaela Empire in 983 PRE. A third strain was created by the Kraniir three years later for the Battle of the Boundary in 986 PRE; this strain was unable to infect any organism and was wiped out over the course of the conflict.


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We don't like these things.

–A member of the Ilanian Royal Guard, putting bluntly his government's stance on the Corruption.

As much as I wish I could forget about the Corruption, I can't!

Vespid Heterodonyx, being rather blunt as well.