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It's always been like this. It's graceful, in its way.

Vespid Heterodonyx, reflecting on Cryorcia.

Cryorcia is Namine's only moon.


The Keilicaela of Namine have always known Cryorcia to be a shattered arrangement of debris, some of which has formed a ring around Namine. Before the emergence of the Keilicaela species, the Helminth bored through Cryorcia on its way to Namine, sundering it into its now-familiar state of being. During the 573-year-long war of the Reformation Epoch, the newly-spacefaring Empire of Namine and its competitors would mine the broken-open remains of Cryorcia for its rich minerals. To this day, the Empire of Namine continues to extract resources from the ring Cryorcia left around Namine and from the larger remnants of the moon proper.