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"Crysek peace" is an oxymoron.

Vespid Heterodonyx, commenting on the inherent aggressive nature of the Crysek.

The Crysek, hailing from Litiket, are a sapio-organic species of space-faring organisms with vague insectoid features.


The Crysek have had organized government in one form or another for thousands of years. Any form of concise history does not exist outside of Litiket; in fact, concise history may not even exist on Litiket due to the oppressive nature of the Currai Imperium's rule.

What information is known starts roughly around 1240 BRE, when the Currai Imperium invaded and subdued the entire world. Litiket was designated for manufacturing and the radiation-resistant Crysek were soon forcibly used for cheap labor. Imperium rule lasted for ninety-two years until the world was liberated by the Enlightened Ones' forces. During this period, most of the original culture and history of the Crysek--including their religion, which was paramount to ancient Crysek society--were lost to slavery, most major landmarks and points of importance had been destroyed, and restrictions were levied against all forms of self-expression and thought, which included religion. The Crysek remain a prominent example of the destructive nature of the Imperium's rule.

Once Imperium rule was lifted, Crysek society at large descended into a violent, anarchic state. Factions began rising and falling to the drums of war and the pain of famine. This state of perpetual destruction would last for hundreds of years, until more prominent factions developed space travel. These continued conflicts would take a new turn as space-faring factions used their capabilities to assert dominance. After a particularly violent war between the remaining powerful factions, the world was united and peace was finally attained under a singular, homogeneous, planet-wide government: the Holy Conglomerate of Litiket. Under this unified faction, the ancient Crysek religion became law doled out by a supreme Holy-Elect. The religion itself took on a form familiar to what is known of modern Crysek faith; however, thanks to the decimation of Crysek culture years prior, the state religion is merely a gross deformation of what it was nearly five-hundred years ago.

Around 802 PRE, the Crysek had fully ventured out into their solar system. Notably, their religion spurred their continued expeditions into space, and their ventures bore progress at a moderately rapid pace. Their advancement was only accelerated by the discovery of several buried Imperium war supply caches containing weapons, starships, and other forms of technology preserved within. The Crysek moved to claim and study this technology, adapting it for their own uses. Within fifty years, with the Imperium technology serving as a catalyst, the Crysek had gone from liquid fuel-based rocket vessels with paper-thin hulls and no shielding, to a technological state that could fend itself off from other alien factions within the galaxy.

The years around 860 PRE saw a transitional time where advancement slowed. Multiple attempts to join the galactic community were pursued over the course of about 60 years, but ultimately would continue to fail. In this time, the Crysek made contact with the prominent human factions of the era. Three separate first contact events occurred--one with each faction--and all ended in violence. All progression halted as the Gray Storm of the Corruption finally found its way into Holy Conglomerate territory. The Crysek survived the Corruption's spread, but were driven back to Litiket with heavy causalities.

After the Corruption threat had been thwarted in 976 PRE, Crysek expansion resumed. Armed with the Imperium's ancient manufacturing processes, Crysek forces were replenished to a viable state within a few years. Several mega-projects were organized in a bid to secure the Crysek's place as a power in the local galactic arena; this would come to a head in the year 985 PRE, when one such mega-project--an orbital weapon with the capability to level whole continents--was, along with the majority of their fleet, destroyed during the events of the Crysek Conflict by a Syndicate attack fleet.

As of 986 PRE, the Crysek are recovering from the massive casualties dealt by Syndicate forces and are operating on only 7% of their initial fleet mass.


There are two known Crysek factions:

Over the course of the Crysek Conflict, these two factions warred over the issues of secession and religious doctrine.


A wealth of information about Crysek technological capabilities was confirmed during the Heretic-Conglomerate Conflict. As speculated, Crysek technology is currently several generations behind that of most known sapient species. Instances of Crysek technology are blatantly derivative of the Currai Imperium's technology, and, in some cases, are direct copies.

Culture and Society

Crysek are highly religious and exhibit aggressive traits typical of radical religious fanaticism. Beyond this, very little has been gathered on their culture; however, key information is known about their society--the most notable being the extreme class divide. Existing in Crysek society are the "Opulents," the "Indigents," and a nearly immeasurable middle class; statistics indicate that of the population, 23% are Opulents, 77% are Indigents, and the unnamed middle class lands in the .000004% range.

The Opulents

The Opulents are high-class citizens that possess wealth, power and property: such as space, airspace, land, smaller stellar bodies, starships, and so on.

The Indigents

The Indigents are, simply put, poor. Often, they own nothing but rags with which to clothe themselves. The Indigents are considered filth by those in higher castes of Crysek society, and military personnel are known to gun them down for sport. To keep the Indigent population down, the government tends to round them up for forced labor, weapons experimentation, or mass execution. They are found on the outskirts of most Crysek cities.

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I'm going to open a canister of holy whoop-ass on you!

An unnamed Crysek, threatening Nikanicreon Dara'croix.