Crysek Holy Conglomerate

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Crysek Holy Conglomerate
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Major Species Crysek
Homeplanet Kreca
Year Founded Unknown
Leaders Unknown
Status Active; crippled
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Currai Imperium, Ashderian Regime
Other Affiliations N/A

The Crysek Holy Conglomerate is a space-faring society of religious zealots comprised of the Crysek.


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Little Is known of the Holy Conglomerate's religion- aside from Its chief antagonistic figure, who is called "Xreyu."


Their holy city sucks holy balls.

Thegalet, in a passing remark about the Crysek capitol city.

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  • "Xreyu" may be a parody of Scientology's "Xenu," although Layne has yet to confirm or deny this.