Currai Imperium

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Torture and slaughter of non-combatants that are chosen ones. Detonating weapons of mass destruction on holy sanctuaries and landmarks. Conspiring to eradicate our sacred colony worlds. Public broadcasting of the destruction of our holy ancient texts.

–The Holy-Elect of the Holy Conglomerate of Litiket erroneously charging the Ashderian Regime for the actions of the Currai Imperium.

Currai Imperium
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Major Species Ashderian
Homeplanet Unknown
Year Founded Unknown
Leaders Unknown
Status Defunct
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Ashderian Regime, the Vigilant, Holy Conglomerate of Litiket, Tyriit
Other Affiliations N/A

The Currai Imperium were an ancient space-faring faction of Ashderians that hailed from an unknown galaxy. They were responsible for a great number of atrocities, including, but not limited to, mass slavery and genocide. They controlled an entire galactic arm of the Milky Way at the height of their power. The Currai Imperium met its end when a rebel faction referred to as the Enlightened Ones staged a successful revolt.