Cyonyx Dicephelidae

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A man's past is nothing more than the pavement on which he may build a future that loathes him.

–Cyonyx, reflecting on his life.

Cyonyx Dicephelidae
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Species Keilicaela
Factions Keilicaela Empire
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cyonyx Dicephelidae, a Keilicaela, was once a master thief responsible for the theft of the Claw of the Benevolents. However, after a long and rather complicated chain of events, he became the head weapons developer of the Namine Ground Control Weapons Development Center.

Early Life

To be added.


Cyonyx receives almost universal hate for stealing one of Namine's most treasured artifacts. With only his weapon development team and Vespid Heterodonyx to treat him like he was actually worth something, he turned to drinking. This only worsened his reputation, as he posesses a rare recessive gene that allows Keilicaela to become intoxicated in much the same way Humans do. On top of this, when he is drunk, he is known to be racially intolerant, constantly spouting slurs and getting himself into other forms of trouble.