Cyonyx Dicephelidae

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A keilisar's past is nothing more than the pavement on which he may build a future that loathes him.

Cyonyx, reflecting on his life.

Cyonyx Dicephelidae
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Species Keilicaela
Factions Empire of Namine, Qualdron Alignment (formerly)
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Cyonyx Dicephelidae, a Keilicaela, was once a prominent weapons developer for the Qualdron Alignment. However, near the start of the Empire-Alignment War, he would defect to the Empire of Namine, bringing with him his renowned talent for creating devastating implements of war. Ever since his defection, Cyonyx has been employed as the head engineer of the Namine Ground Control Weapons Development Center.


Cyonyx receives almost universal hate for engineering the most insidious weapons utilized by the Qualdron Alignment. Though he is looked at with scorn, suspicion, and outright loathing by the populace of the Empire, many of his war apparatuses were key in securing Imperial victory over the course of the Empire-Alignment War and beyond. He genuinely believes in the cause of the Empire--even if most Imperial citizens revile him and are not grateful for the life-saving contributions he made to the various Imperial war efforts.