Dominion of Ilan

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Dominion of Ilan
IlanianFlag with Script Exterior.png
The flag of the Dominion.
Major Species Ilanian
Homeplanet Ilan
Year Founded 9040 PS
Leaders Takar Minyautinu
Status Active
Notable Allies Keilicaela Empire, Ashderian Regime, Vigilant Reclamation Force
Notable Enemies Ilanian Revival, Galactic Order of Avalon, Arbiters of Kiron
Other Affiliations N/A

The Dominion of Ilan is a spacefaring empire comprised of a tall, canid-like species called Ilanians. Its empirical center is Dräk, capital city of Ilan.


After the Disbanding of 9040 PS, A select clan of Ilanians took rapid control of Ancestral facilities, unifying the billions-strong workforce of the Kalhans, Ilanians, Y'treans, and Jiceans. Taking up the emblem once forced upon them by the Ancestors, this newly formed "Ilanian Dominion" took Ilan by force and began building in the gutted district of Drak.


The flag of the Dominion is a simple black backdrop, while in the foreground rests the Sigil of the Ascendant. The Sigil was originally created by the Prime Ancestors, as the symbol of their enslaved workforce. Many special operations units have the Sigil emblazoned on their armor, as superstition states that it brings power to the wearer. The text reads "Within our past, the future is scribed."

Notable Members