Energized Pulsation Disperser

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The Energized Pulsation Disperser (more commonly known as the Pulse Rifle, and less commonly known as the EPD Rifle) is a Nymerris-based weapon family created by the Imperial arms manufacturing company Firestorm. Though the platform has seen the greatest extent of use by the Empire of Namine, it was also utilized by the Qualdron Alignment, and to a far lesser extent, the Esperance Pact.


The EPD weapon platform began as an ill-conceived idea to harness the power of electricity to create a sort of "Tesla rifle"--that is, a weapon that could fire out "pulses" of directed lightning-like electric energy. However, this idea was swiftly and wisely scrapped when the prototypes would either melt in the user's hands, shock the user more than the target, or, in some particularly odious instances, both. Firestorm would look to the stars to realize their vision for a weapons platform based on directed energy, and harness the power of the Nymerris particle for use in Pulse Rifles. Though it is unknown if Nymerris-based weapons existed before Firestorm adapted the idea, the decision to base the Pulse Rifle off of Nymerris would prove successful, lucrative, profitable, and would seal their legacy as either the first individuals to create Nymerris-based weaponry, the first to perfect it, or both.




The X-Series of Energized Pulsation Dispersers are the most commonly-utilized in the family.

  • Pulse Pistol
  • Pulse Rifle x6 (shotgun configuration)
  • Pulse Rifle x12 (SMG configuration)
  • Pulse Rifle x24 (automatic rifle configuration)
  • Pulse Rifle x32 (semi-automatic designated marksman rifle configuration)
  • Pulse Rifle x48 (sniper rifle configuration)
  • Pulse Rifle x96 (see in the "heavy weapons" section below)

Heavy Weapons

Pulse Immolator

The Pulse Immolator is a particularly gruesome weapon that exhales agitated Nymerris particles in the form of a gas cloud. Any matter caught in the cloud is simultaneously melted, burned, and disintegrated, leaving little more than a puddle of bubbling, flaming sludge.

Pulse Rifle x96

The Pulse Rifle x96's name is a misnomer; in reality, it is the EPD equivalent of a rocket-propelled grenade launcher (though it is worth noting that the x96 does not fire a physical projectile, and, like all other Pulse-platform weapons, utilizes Nymerris). It is colloquially called the "Pulse Rifle x96" due to its inclusion in the X-Series and its interconnectivity with the other X-Series models.

Vehicular Armaments

Pulse Cannon

The Pulse Cannon is a massive fixture, manufactured for use on spacecraft, orbital stations, and other mobile structures.