Esperance Pact

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Esperance Pact
SUPREME Flag Interation.png
The official flag of the Esperance Pact.
Major Species Human
Homeplanet Moirai
Year Founded Unknown; possibly 911 PRE
Leaders Unknown
Status Active
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Spears of the Aesir
Other Affiliations Formerly enemies of the Empire of Namine before the end of the Human-Keilicaela War; currently neutral towards the Empire of Namine.

The Esperance Pact is a space-faring civilization originating form Earth, now residing upon Moirai. It is mostly comprised of Humans.


Around the year 911 PRE, the influential nations of Earth's eastern hemisphere (including Russia, India, and Australia) signed an intergovernmental treaty in the name of space exploration and colonization; the result was the Esperance Pact, named for the Australian city of Esperance, where the treaty was signed.

(To be expanded upon.)