Ferkanid Trinalak

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Ferkanid Trinalak
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Species Keilicaela
Factions Keilicaela Empire, Verikron Federation (formerly)
Age 200
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ferkanid Trinalak was the Commander-in-Chief of the Verikron Federation and the first Emperor of the Keilicaela Empire before his death in 20 PRE at the age of 200.

Early Life

Ferkanid was born in 393 RE.

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Rise to Power

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Great Reunification War of Namine

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Formation of the First Keilicaela Empire

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Rule as the Emperor

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As Ferkanid was on his deathbed, he requested that the title of Emperor be reduced to a celebratory rank, to be replaced with the title of Supreme Commander. This was request was made an official policy a mere three minutes before his death.

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Ferkanid is revered by the Keilicaela Empire almost to the same degree as Cythrek himself; a statue depicting his likeness was constructed in Verikron's main plaza a mere week after his death, and an official holiday known as "The Day of Unification" (also called "The Day of Conquest") was instated in reference to his deeds during the Great Reunification War.

After Verikron was destroyed during the Fall of Namine, a replacement statue depicting Ferkanid's likeness was placed in New Verikron's main plaza during the events of the Reconstruction of Namine.