Hivemind Crisis

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The Hivemind Crisis was an event in which Ashreksas partially reactivated the Helminth, wiring a majority of Namine's Keilicaela into the Helminth's long-dead hivemind, which had fallen under Ashreksas's direct control. Yet further Keilicaelaac populations were targeted by the Insanity Hub, a fusion of what Ashreksas learned from the Helminth with the principles of Project Hivemind--a method to control alien species created by the Currai Imperium. The crisis escalated when enswarmed individuals were instructed to turn their weapons upon their own people, resulting in chaos, casualties and a life-affecting damage on a massive scale.

Other Information

While partially based upon Project Hivemind, the Hivemind Crisis was largely a reactivation of the Imperium's original meddling with the Helminth. The Crisis is the only known successful implementation of the Project Hivemind's theories and the second time the Helminth's power was used by an external force to control the Keilicaela in some capacity.