Holy Conglomerate of Litiket

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Holy Conglomerate of Litiket
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Major Species Crysek
Homeplanet Litiket
Year Founded Unknown
Leaders Unknown
Status Active; crippled
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Currai Imperium, Ashderian Regime
Other Affiliations N/A

The Holy Conglomerate of Litiket is a space-faring society of religious zealots comprised of the Crysek species. It is the dominant Crysek faction in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Little is known of the Holy Conglomerate's religion aside from Its chief antagonistic figure, who is called "Xreyu." Being a theocracy, the Conglomerate is lead by the head of the state religion: the Holy-Elect.


Their holy city sucks holy balls.

Thegalet, in a passing remark about the Crysek capital city.


  • "Xreyu" may be a parody of Scientology's "Xenu," although Layne has yet to confirm or deny this.