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Ilanians were an indentured subspecies of the Prime Ancestors prior to the Disbanding of 9040 PS, and are a genetically modified version of the Kalhans. They are a tall, strong canid species native to Ilan. Aggressive and fearless, they are known for their brutality in war.


Being left by their masters, the massive production workforce of the previous Ancestral Autocracy took control and quickly formed a conglomeration empire, including the Kalhans, Y'treans, and Jiceans. The newly-formed Dominion of Ilan began quickly repurposing old Ancestral ships, to contact other colonies previously under control of the Ancestors. Rebuilding their internal network of only a dozen worlds took very little time, and the empire flourished into a robust, bustling group of worlds that were open to trade. This age of innovation and rapid growth lasted up to the Ilanian Civil War.


  • An affectionate term on Ilan is "little crystal."