Kycerida Chrysidyx

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Kycerida Chrysidyx
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Species Keilicaela
Factions Empire of Namine, Venom Squadron, Qualdron Alignment (formerly)
Age 56
Status Alive
Height 7'2
Weight Unknown

Kycerida Chrysidyx, otherwise known as Venom Five, is a fighter pilot serving under the Imperial fighter detachment Venom Squadron.

Early Life

Kycerida was born in 930 PRE on the colony world of Symonah. Her upbringing and aspirations in life saw her pursuing a career as a pilot. As soon as she came of age, she enlisted in Symonah's planetary defense fleet in hopes that she would rise through the ranks and fly on excursions for the Empire of Namine. Indeed, her desire to fly for the Empire was strong; unfortunately, she did not complete her training before the Fall of Namine, meaning that she would never fly for the First Empire of Namine.


Independent Symonah and the Qualdron Alignment

Kycerida, unable to fulfill her dream of being a pilot for the Empire of Namine, would fly in various fleets for the then-independent Symonah from the years of 949 PRE - 950 PRE. Her year-long run serving Symonah came to a halt when the Qualthrine Accords were ratified in 950 PRE, giving birth to the Qualdron Alignment and merging the military assets of Qualdron, Parand, and Symonah. As such, she found herself conscripted into yet another military force she did not originally intend to fight for--the difference being that she did not believe in the Qualdron Alignment. Regardless, the dictatorial nature of the Alignment prevented her from resigning, and she dared not attempt to desert her post. She would continue to fight in the Alignment fleet against her will for the thirty-three years the Qualthrine Accords remained in effect until their invalidation in 983 PRE when the Alignment fell to the Second Empire of Namine at the end of the [[Empire-Alignment War|Empire-Alignment War.] Like many unwilling conscripts, she surrendered her vessel to the Empire's fleet at the end of Operation Venom, and was taken into custody. After evaluation, Empire officials concluded that Kycerida did not willingly fight for the Alignment, and, like a great deal of other Keilicaela who were forced into the Alignment military against their will, was pardoned. She gained her freedom soon thereafter.

Second Empire of Namine

As a former citizen of the First Empire of Namine, Kycerida was eligible to apply for citizenship in the Second Empire of Namine. As such, she applied and was promptly accepted into the Second Empire of Namine. Upon receiving citizenship, she traveled to Namine in an attempt to build a new life for herself. After a few ill-fated attempts at civilian life, Kycerida returned to what she knew she was best at: piloting fightercraft. Kycerida enlisted in Namine's defense fleet in a second attempt to truly fight for the Empire, and had her dream finally realized when she was soaring high above the atmosphere of Namine, watching over the planet in a squadron of Acid Rain fightercraft. However, unbeknownst to Kycerida, those high in the administration of the Empire's fleet command had taken note of her now fifteen-year-long tenure as a pilot, and had added her name to a list of candidates qualified to serve in Venom Squadron: the most renowned fighter squadron in all of the Empire. When the Battle of the Boundary struck later in the year, four out of Venom Squadron's six members were among the casualties, leaving seats open to join the squadron. With most of the talent in the squadron gone, officials within fleet command scrambled to fill the empty spaces with pilots of unparalleled skill. Kycerida's name was among those randomly selected from the aforementioned list to transfer to Venom Squadron, and a mere day after the Battle of the Boundary, she quickly learned that her new callsign was "Venom Five." Now, she flies among those in Venom Squadron, but her peers are more than distrusting of her on behalf of her past affiliation with the Alignment. However, she strives to earn their trust with feats of prowess on the battlefield and is determined to prove herself, no matter how long it may take.


Kycerida is, first and foremost, patriotic. She spent her whole life attempting to serve under the Empire of Namine only to be denied at every turn--until the collapse of the Alignment. As such (and given her past with the Alignment), she feels as though she has to earn the trust of her colleagues--and will go to great lengths to do so. Her eagerness to prove herself paired with her confident and cocksure nature behind the control stick of a fightercraft may lead her to perform feats and stunts that even pilots years her senior would consider rash or suicidal. The side-effect to her need for validation is a fierce, unbreakable loyalty--a loyalty that has only been further cemented by flying under the Empire's flag.


Kycerida does not belong to any one race of Keilicaela. Her white exoskeletal hue suggests that she is part Tvi-Keilicaela, while her height of 7'2 is common in females of Aen-Keilicaela lineage. Her sky-blue eye is a feature common to Keilicaela with white-toned exoskeletons. As per her job, she is normally seen adorned in the attire of an Acid Rain pilot. Her body has no distinguishable scars or markings.