Liath Saol

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It's bliss to the user, but ruin to anyone nearby.

Avaene Herral, describing Liath Saol's effects to another Ilanian

Liath Saol is a chemical compound used by the Dominion of Ilan to augment soldiers. It is highly addictive and alters the mind as well as the body.


Liath Saol can be administered in varying doses to achieve different effects and efficacies. In many Warmaster suits, Liath Saol is constantly added to the user's body via a spinal tap. In immature subjects, large doses can cause acromegaly (the overproduction of growth hormones), which the Dominion capitalized on when making the Warmasters. It is also documented to have mild psychoactive effects, with some users reporting hallucinations during augmentation (and less credible reports on deployment).


Liath Saol is a smoky, opaque black, and only comes in liquid form.

Extent of Physical Alterations

The extents to which users of Liath Saol can be mutated are rather extreme, but it is uncertain what effects the substance itself has on non-Ilanian species; Kycelid, for example, claims that he was exposed to an extremely large dosage of the substance. In spite of this alleged exposure, Kycelid remains unmutated. It is unclear if Kycelid is simply lying about being exposed as a part of his dubious, self-told origin story, or if the extreme biological differences between the Keilicaela and Ilanian species means the substance has unknown effects, if any at all, on Keilicaela.

Notable Users