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Namine, sometimes poetically referred to as the Land of Relentless Summer on account of its climate, is both the homeworld of the Keilicaela and the current planet the Empire of Namine calls home.


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Major Regions

The Great Sharazdi Desert

The Great Sharazdi Desert, home to the Skornp, is Namine's largest and southernmost desert.

The Zarine Ashfield

The Zarine Ashfield is an expansive land of plains blanketed in volcanic ash.


The Xanthros Ocean

The Xanthros Ocean is Namine's largest ocean.

Orbit, Suns, and Atmosphere

Namine’s stars are 1/10th of an AU (9,290,000 miles) apart; each one possesses mass equivalent to 80% of Earth's sun. Namine orbits these stars in a P-type orbit to the closest extent the system's habitable zone allows. To cope with the large dosses of solar radiation the planet receives as well as to harbor overgrown insect life, Namine’s atmosphere is thick and high in oxygen content, with an ample ozone layer. Due to Namine's position in the habitable zone and the close proximity of the two suns, the planet has a stable, Earth-like orbit. One year on Namine is 300-400 days.