Namine Ground Control

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Namine Ground Control (almost exclusively known as NGC) is a division of the Empire of Namine specifically tasked with dealing in the affairs of the Keilicaela homeplanet of Namine.


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  • Headquarters: The NGC Headquarters is located in New Thutria. It boasts an anti-aircraft cannon, a multi-level structure including bunkers, a debriefing room, an AI chamber for Thegalet's main construct, a medbay, a monorail to the NGC Weapons Development Center, staff quarters, (such as those for the Supreme Commander) and a direct transport line to the Unrelenting Salvation.
  • Weapons Development Center: The NGC Weapons Development Center (NGC-WD) is located in New Skopida. It comes complete with a weapon development lab, fire range, and a weapon design library/database.
  • The NOS Bleeding Demise: The Namine Orbital Station Bleeding Demise is the NGC's first orbital space station. It is a control center for Namine's local fleet as well as a high-precision air strike cannon.
  • Cosula Underwater Base: The Cosula Underwater Base is a strictly scientific research facility located in the Xanthros Ocean. It is responsible for multiple in-depth geological surveys that provide the Empire of Namine with detailed tactical maps of their homeplanet.