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The chance to bring about peace is a rare commodity.

Nikan's remark to Phar'annic over the prospect of peace delegations with the Holy Conglomerate of Litiket.

Nikanicreon Dara'croix
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Species Ashderian
Factions Ashderian Regime,
Age 97 Galactic Standard Years
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Sovereign Commander Nikanicreon Dara'croix is a main character in Unbroken. A formidable and well known Ashderian tactician, Ascendant Marine, former Navarch, and statesman, he is a veteran of several wars and has been present or taken part in several pivotal moments in Milky Way's history. He's most well-known for protecting the evacuation of the Regime's Milky Way colonies during the Corruption's infestation of the Milky Way, as well as his vital role in the Great Crusade.[1] Nikan currently serves as the Sovereign Commander of the Vokyran Ascendancy. He is a former Enlightened One who was found in cryosleep, reawakened, then subsequently revitalized and socially and culturally integrated into the Ascendancy.

Early Life

Nikan started life as an Enlightened One warrior, known as Reon Croix. Much of his life as an Enlightened One is unknown, or classified by the Vokyran Ascendancy for privacy reasons. What is known is that his past led him to being put into cryo-sleep aboard an Enlightened Ones' vessel, where he would remain for several thousand years.

In 859 PRE, the exploration vessel Vicricai discovered his vessel, and woke him him. After providing several years of consulting services, he was given the option to be physically revitalized and reintegrated into the Ascendancy. He was “reborn” to a Vokyran family in the Milky Way Galaxy on the lush, Ascendancy home world of Voyakarai in 870 PRE, only 25 years before the Fall of Voyakarai.

It was during this time he would meet another ancient individual undergoing the revitalization process, Ashreksas. The two would become very good friends as they regrew into a new adulthood. After around 20 years, Nikan (and Ashreksas) had their memories from their former lives reinstated. Despite being a former Enlightened One and former agent of the Currai Imperium respectively, Nikan and Ashreksas’ found new respect for one another, setting aside their past differences and strengthening their friendship. They would both find commission in the Ascendancy Armed forces, Nikan as an Ascendant Marine, and Ashreksas as a combat-engineer, and maintained a friendship throughout their service.

As a young adult, he participated in the chaos of the fall as an Ascendant Marine, and the events would impact him greatly throughout his life. Being lucky enough to be one of the 700-million to survive, he would continue on in service to the Vokyran Ascendancy's armed forces. Here, he would climb the ranks, distinguishing himself over the years. He would repeatedly prove his competency in battle and affirm his capabilities for leadership. Eventually, he attained the distinguished honor of commanding the First Fleet as Navarch. It was as Navarch of the First Fleet that he oversaw the operation that successfully evacuated millions of Ashderians during the Gray Storm.

Nikan would become instrumental in merging the Vokyran Ascendancy’s armed forces with the Armada of Namine's Fire, a move which he believed was crucial for their survival.

Rise to Power

The position of "Sovereign Commander" is only opened during times of crisis or elevated danger. The position satisfies several roles; it allows for executive decisions to be made rather quickly, without bureaucracy, and keeps control of the Regime in an organic's hands. Currently, the Ashderian Regime is operating under an extended extinction-level crisis state, which, by law, necessitates Nikan's position.

Nikan had dabbled in Ascendancy politics as a Navarch, and when the time came, he used his charisma and vision to put his bid in for Sovereign after is was announced that they were rapidly searching for a candidate. He was chosen for his temperament, guile and his ability to lead and command the best from those around him. His valor in protecting the colonies during the Gray Storm played a major role as well. While many considered electing a Navarch, or a Rivioki at all, out of the question, Nikan was saved from being written-off due to his unique heritage. Many, in fact, saw his exposure to both civilian and Rivioki culture, as well as his experience as an Enlightened One as unique qualifiers for the monolithic duty of Sovereign, believing he wouldn't supplant the interests of one over the other.

Nikan's power has slowly been reduced since the Crysek Conflict. Most civilian administration functions have been moved to a council titled the Civilian Assembly. Nikan retains a good portion of control over the military, partly due to the overwhelming support from the thirteen Navarchs. Nikan retains the ability to make sweeping executive decisions when time is short, thus he retains the ability to over-rule the Civilian Assembly's authority in many cases. This action, however, has not been necessary, and would damage his position as leader.

The Civilian Assembly has expressed concern and disapproval for some of his decisions, many of his actions, and his habit of going on important and dangerous missions himself. They've attempted many times to impose restrictions on his actions, and in a few cases, succeeded. For example, he now must report most military actions to the Civilian Assembly directly. Some worry the power and extended nature of his rule is a slippery slope to tyrannical rule--worried that he'll seize full control and radicalize the Regime.


While working, Nikan is reserved, collected, and analytical. He's known for his tempered temper,[2][3] seemingly able to remain stolid under intense pressure. For most of his life, when in the presence of friends and comrades, he was noted to be rather high-strung. As time drew on, this quality has subsided.

Some believe he's a ticking time-bomb, referencing a seemingly conflicted quality about Nikan that is only shown on rare occasions.


  • Nikan's now non-canon nickname, appointed by Antarress Celauku, is "Ni-ni". Thegalet and Nova find this absolutely hysterical, and use it to torment and insult him.
  • In the early canon, Nikan was born to the tyrannical leader of the Currai Imperium. This is now non-canon.
  • Nikan killed Tartirus, and no one seems to care. In fact, both Thegalet and Nova have, on multiple occasions, suggested awarding Nikan a medal for this. There is debate among Unbroken's authors as to whether Nikan's act of murder makes him the greatest hero in the Unbroken narrative. The general consensus seems to lean towards "yes."
  • In the early canon, Nikan was referred to as "Commander Hazard" or just "Hazard."
  • "The Familial Terminator" joke-name is now completely non-canon, though it potentially may be applicable to another Imperium era character.


  1. "Great Crusade" is a placeholder until we decide on a name for this event.
  2. Fucking hell.
  3. That was intentional, by the way.