Qualdron Alignment

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By bringing back a hostile, volatile, and extremely destructive species, they have signed their own fate.

Nikanicreon Dara'croix on the Qualdron Alignment's resurrection of the Corruption.

Qualdron Alignment
Qualdron Alignment Emblem-Flag.png
The emblem and flag of the Qualdron Alignment.
Major Species Keilicaela
Homeplanet Qualdron
Year Founded 950 PRE
Leaders Ferkanid Trinalak II
Status Defunct
Notable Allies The Corruption before Operation Venom
Notable Enemies Empire of Namine, Stormbound Coalition
Other Affiliations N/A

The Qualdron Alignment (often simply called the Alignment) was a spacefaring conglomeration of ex-Empire of Namine planets.


The planets that would form the Qualdron Alignment once hailed from the Empire of Namine until the emergence of the Corruption in 949 PRE dissolved the Empire. The disparate planets of Qualdron, Parand, and Symonah signed the Qualthrine Accords defense treaty in 950 PRE, officially ratifying the Alignment. Just one year later in 951 PRE, a bloody coup led by a Keilicaela claiming to be the reincarnation of Ferkanid Trinalak transformed the fledgling confederation into a fanatical interstellar cult-state hell-bent on reunifying the Empire of Namine's cosmic territory in the name of divinity. As the Corruption ravaged the galaxy and the remaining ex-Imperial planets were both not receptive to Ferkanid Trinalak II's high blasphemy and quite capable of defending themselves from his military incursions, the Alignment would prove impotent in their holy conquest, instead carving out a harsh existence in a Milky Way ravaged by the Corruption.

The Alignment was able to consolidate power after the Corruption was successfully curtailed by the Armada of Namine's Fire in 976 PRE. When the Second Empire was declared by Vespid Heterodonyx in 979 PRE, a more combat-ready Alignment declared holy war on the restored Empire of Namine, decrying Vespid as a usurper to Trinalak II's divine right and the Empire's very existence as an illegitimate abomination and not the true continuation of the original Trinalak's rule. The resulting Empire-Alignment War saw the Alignment totally obliterated by 983 PRE, in spite of their infamous act of bringing the Corruption back from extinction for use as a biological weapon. Although Trinalak II was slain near the conclusion of the war, there still exist Keilicaela, branded heretics by the Imperial Synod, who maintain the divine claim of Trinalak II and whisper of his return.


  • The Qualdron Alignment is all-too-often called "the Qualdron." This is highly incorrect, as the Qualdron Alignment was a coalition of multiple planets controlled by a central government on planet Qualdron. Calling them "the Qualdron" assumes that the organization is formed by Qualdron and Qualdron alone.