Qualdron Alignment

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By bringing back a hostile, volatile, and extremely destructive species, they have signed their own fate.

Nikanicreon Dara'croix on the Qualdron Alignment's resurrection of the Corruption.

Qualdron Alignment
Qualdron Alignment Emblem-Flag.png
The emblem and flag of the Qualdron Alignment.
Major Species Keilicaela
Homeplanet Qualdron
Year Founded 950 PRE
Leaders Philanthix Sivintalica
Status Defunct
Notable Allies The Corruption before Operation Venom
Notable Enemies Keilicaela Empire, Stormbound Coalition
Other Affiliations N/A

The Qualdron Alignment (often simply called the Alignment), formed in 950 PRE, was a Keilicaela Empire splinter faction that went defunct during the events of the Empire-Alignment War in 983 PRE. The Alignment is most infamous for bringing the Corruption back from the genetic graveyard for use as a biological weapon.


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Notable Members


  • The Qualdron Alignment is all-too-often called "the Qualdron." This is highly incorrect, as the Qualdron Alignment was a coalition of multiple planets controlled by a central government on planet Qualdron. Calling them "the Qualdron" assumes that the organization is formed by Qualdron and Qualdron alone.