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Qwadamaj is a highly addictive and popular Ashderian-made narcotic with extremely dangerous side-effects to non-Ashderians. Known methods of ingestion include injection into the blood veins or inhalation.


Most known side-effects onset by use of Qwadamaj are debilitating in the utmost. A common claim is that use of the drug will "burn a stoma" into the user's neck. In return for adverse side effects, however, a Qwadamaj user's pain threshold/tolerance is greatly increased; said user may also often feel much stronger as a result of the substance.

Qwadamaj is known to augment, and also make Veil-manipulation powers excessively more erratic and volatile.


  • A more rare and potent version of Qwadamaj exists by the name of "Crystal Red Qwadamaj."
  • Qwadamaj was named for and its beneficial side-effects inspired by "quad damage," a power-up in classic arena-based first-person-shooter video games such as Quake and Cube 2.