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The Reconstitutor (known to most mortals as the Scepter of Rebirth) was a powerful Singularity weapon designed to harness the core energies of other Singularities. In addition to killing the target Singularity, the Reconstitutor could then use the energies to perform such feats as raise entire armies or resurrect planets.


Singularity Civil War

The Reconstitutor was created by the Flarix during the Singularity Civil War as a means of slaying their Kraniir adversaries. Copies of the weapon were mass-produced for use by the demi-Singularity armies of the Flarix, but all known instances of these copies were destroyed following the war. In addition, the Abiogenesis's Creation Engines were modified to act as large-scale Reconstitutors, but the war was ended and the ship banished to Lower Singularium before the Flarix could test their modifications. Zaarthren urged for the Reconstitutor to be destroyed, but the Second Flarix Uprising occurred before the weapon's fate could be decided.

Second Flarix Uprising

Shortly after the Singularity Civil War's end, the Flarix staged a short-lived second uprising that resulted in them fleeing to Lower Singularium and the Reconstitutor being cast into Universe BR-45327/B.

Notable Planets Resurrected