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Rebellions rising against the Empire, Joseph faking his own death, metal-eating squids, dead terrorists coming back from the grave, the universe's anus shitting out green calamari, and now Vespid takes the next step in fucking political suicide! It's the 986th Year of the Post-Reformation Epoch, and Namine's gone fucking mad!

Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2, in an impassioned rant to Vespid Heterodonyx

The Reformation Epoch Calendar is a calendar created and used by the Empire of Namine.


The Reformation Epoch Calendar was enacted by the Empire of Namine as its official calendar upon the Empire's final conquest of Namine in 573 RE. The name does not, as some uninformed outside observers believe, refer to the reformation of the First Empire into the Second; rather, it refers to the reformation of civilization and culture on Namine as a whole. Although the Keilicaela were once unilaterally united under the Helminth, this knowledge is relegated to the upper echelons of the Imperial Synod. As such, the reformation referred to by the calendar is based on a well-recorded fact in public Imperial history: civilization existed on Namine before the Keilicaela. It is said that the Aen-Keilicaela who first founded Verikron learned from and synthesized the teachings of Namine's original civilization. Thus, the resulting Empire that sprung up around Verikron sought to see Namine return to the guiding principles of this lost people, and with the declaration of the Inevitable Edict, the Empire began its struggle to bring all the Keilicaela of Namine to heel in the 573 years that would come to be referred to as the "Reformation Epoch (RE)." The times before the formation of the First Empire are called "Before the Reformation Epoch (BRE)."

The Reformation Epoch would come to a close 573 years after it started. All following years are referred to as "Post-Reformation Epoch (PRE)." With the end of the reformation came the Imperial hegemony of Namine. With the Reformation Epoch Calendar being the Empire's official calendar, it is only logical that the Empire would mark the end of the reformation as their victory; the Empire regards itself as the culmination of both the teachings and lessons from a lost civilization and the blood shed during the reformation.

Despite the disbandment of the First Empire, the colonies left behind largely continued to use the Reformation Epoch Calendar, keeping it relevant to post-Corruption Keilicaela societies. By the time the Second Empire came to power, the year was 980 PRE. Seeing no reason to change the calendar or otherwise break tradition (largely due to the Second Empire being comprised of mostly the same core components as the first), the Reformation Epoch Calendar was quickly upheld by the Second Empire and continues to persist to this day.


The timeline of the Reformation Epoch Calendar, divided by the Epochs, is as follows:

Before the Reformation Epoch

  • 96000 BRE: The Helminth burrows into Namine and begins feeding on portions of the planet's mantle
  • 94000 BRE: Civilization emerges on Namine's surface
  • 89100 BRE: Extant civilization takes note of the Helminth and devises a strategy to rid it from Namine; the Helminth constructs Keilicaela hordes to defend itself
  • 89000 BRE: After 100 years of strife, the Keilicaela succeed in devouring all civilization on Namine; some survivors flee the planet via spacecraft and are not heard from again
  • 88995 BRE: The Helminth falls inert with no explanation; eons-long uninterrupted Keilicaela evolution and interaction begins
  • 5000 BRE: The Keilicaela attain sapience
  • Sometime after 5000 BRE: The Cult of Namine emerges, rising to prominence amongst the entire Keilicaela species
  • 4000 BRE: The first Keilcaela city-state, Verikron, emerges
  • 3950 BRE: City-states emerge to compete with Verikron, sparking thousands of years of war as sovereign city-states become the dominant form of civilization on Namine
  • 1240 BRE: The Currai Imperium conquers the Crysek species
  • 1148 BRE: The Enlightened Ones expunge the Imperium from the Crysek homeworld, freeing the species; the Crysek plunge into perpetual war for hundreds of years, eventually organizing into the Holy Conglomerate of Litiket
  • 460 BRE: The Cult of Namine loses influence as few Keilicaela tribes are left untouched by city-states
  • 0 BRE: The city-states of Thutria, Thyste, and Skopida are conquered by Verikron, forming the Empire of Namine and putting an end to the time before the Reformation Epoch

The Reformation Epoch

  • 0 RE: The Empire of Namine formally declares the Inevitable Edict: its agenda to, by conquest, spread the teachings of the lost civilization the Keilicaela of the Helminth consumed; this marks the beginning the of the Reformation Epoch
  • 3 RE: The Empire begins reverse-engineering spacecraft technology left behind from the original inhabitants of Namine
  • 99 RE: Imperial reverse-engineering efforts bear fruit with a fightercraft prototype
  • 100 RE: First Keilicaela AI prototype; all known practitioners of the Cult of Namine are dead, converted by the Inevitable Edict, or consumed by the city-states, save for the savages of the Great Sharazdi Desert and the Tvi-Keilicaela Sootshrouded, who sequester themselves into Zarine Ashfield, where they suffer through a barren existence in hiding well into the Post-Reformation Epoch
  • 110 RE: Keilicaela spacecraft technology becomes viable and is under an Imperial monopoly
  • 115 RE: City-states hostile to the Empire succeed in espionage efforts and secure the blueprints to construct their own fightercraft
  • 117 RE: The city-states of Namine now war in the solar system, competing for asteroid mining rights
  • 393 RE: Ferkanid Trinalak is born
  • 431 RE: Ferkanid becomes Emperor of the Empire of Namine
  • 433 RE: Ferknaid begins his push to end the 431-year-long war with the intent of conquering Namine
  • 436 RE: The Vokyran Ascendancy is formed
  • 450 RE: The Empire of Namine begins studying faster-than-light travel, opening the door for the advent of Tearstream 154 years later
  • 499 RE: Zyrexis Scendtherinae is born
  • 570 RE: A grand fleet of Imperial fightercraft is constructed under Ferkanid's orders
  • 573 RE: The Empire is the dominant power on Namine; final year of RE

The Post-Reformation Epoch

  • 0 PRE: The Empire of Namine is the only ruling political power on the planet; the Empire sets its sights on the stars
  • 20 PRE: Ferkanid Trinalak dies; Zyrexis Scendtherinae declared Supreme Commander
  • 31 PRE: Tearstream technology emerges
  • 34 PRE: Universal Tearstream Solutions, a company comprised of the minds behind the Tearstream drive, is formed
  • 50 PRE: Nymerris becomes weaponized
  • 51 PRE: The Empire initiates its agenda to colonize different planets
  • 113 PRE: Zyrexis Scendtherinae is assassinated by the Seething Sting; his successor is currently undocumented
  • 200 PRE: The Empire expands to 20 star systems and grows to around 60 before the Fall of Namine
  • 500 PRE: Keilicaela AI become self-aware
  • 798 PRE: The Aquilae finishes construction; it spends 97 years in the Andromeda Galaxy before returning to the Milky Way
  • 812 PRE: Cavthiex Aristroptera is born
  • 885 PRE: Cavthiex Aristroptera is declared Supreme Commander
  • 895 PRE: Fall of Voyakarai; the Aquilae returns to the Milky Way to provide support to Voyakarai; the Vokyran Ascendancy is dissolved; sometime after this year, the Ashderian Regime is formed from the Ascendancy's ashes
  • 910 PRE: The Crysek finish the exploration of their entire solar system
  • 911 PRE: Around this year, the Esperance Pact is formed
  • 928 PRE: Vespid Heterodonyx is born
  • 929 PRE: The Keilicaela who would come to be known as Ferkanid Trinalak II is born
  • 930 PRE: The Eternal Solace is constructed
  • 933 PRE: Thisposa is born
  • 940 PRE: The Acid Rain undergoes manufacturing
  • 942 PRE: Thegalet comes online
  • 943 PRE: Hromund the Unsparing is born and goes on to establish the Spears of the Aesir in his adult life
  • 945 PRE: The Angen-2 colony is wiped out by the Death Plague event; Eternal Solace disappears
  • 949 PRE: The Corruption emerges; Fall of Namine; Empire displaced; Cavthiex deposed; Armada of Namine's Fire is born and begins their 26-year-long crusade against the Corruption
  • 949 PRE: Vespid arrives on Terreki
  • 950 PRE: Imperial colonies balkanize while the sundered Namine enters the Reconstruction; four systems enter into a pact while the other three form the Qualdron Alignment
  • 950 PRE: Keilicaela worlds manage to defend themselves against Corruption incursion; some smaller and more remote systems fall prey and are annihilated
  • 951 PRE: In a bloody coup, Ferkanid Trinalak II ascends to the head of the Qualdron Alignment
  • 951 PRE: Vespid founds the Terreki Conglomerate
  • 960 PRE: The Stormbound Coalition, an anti-Alignment insurgency group, is founded
  • 960 PRE: Crysek technological advancement screeches to a halt; Holy Conglomerate of Litiket tries and fails to join the Compact of the United Civilized Systems of the Milky Way Galaxy; Crysek presence in the Milky Way reduced to their homeworld by the Corruption
  • 962 PRE: The Corruption invade Terreki and the Terreki Resistance rises from the ashes of the Terreki Conglomerate
  • 963 PRE: The Armada of Namine's Fire arrives on Terreki, purges it of Corruption presence, absorbs the Terreki Resistance into their ranks, and links up with the Ashderian Regime
  • 976 PRE: All known Corruption instances become extinct; around this year, Vespid becomes Field Admiral in the Armada of Namine's Fire
  • 979 PRE: Reconstruction efforts come to a close with one final, grand push from the Armada of Namine's Fire and the Ashderian Regime
  • 980 PRE: The Second Empire forms with Vespid at the helm and New Thutria as its capital on Namine; non-Alignment colonies and the Armada of Namine's Fire join the Second Empire
  • 980 PRE: The Syndicate is formed by the newly-reborn Empire of Namine and the powers once involved in the Great Crusade: the Vigilant, the Alarian Splinter, and the Ashderian Regime
  • 980 PRE: Caranak withdraws from Universe BR-45327/B
  • 980 PRE: Alignment declares war on the Empire
  • 981 PRE: Alignment reverse-engineering revitalizes the Corruption using the Death Plague genome; Vespid sends Imperial war machine into overdrive
  • 983 PRE: The Alignment is crushed and the second Corruption driven to extinction; Ferkanid Trinalak II dies; Stormbound Coalition remains a lasting power on Qualdron
  • 985 PRE: Crysek Arc
  • 986 PRE: Boundary Cataclysm; Princefall; present year