Schynid Halrexae

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Schynid Halrexae
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Species Keilicaela
Factions Empire of Namine, Venom Squadron
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Schynid Halrexae, more commonly known as Venom One, is the captain of the Empire of Namine Acid Rain detachment known as Venom Squadron.

Early Life

Schynid was born on the colony world of Venguark. (To be expanded)


Schynid, when not flying his Acid Rain for the Empire of Namine, is rather easygoing. He often cracks jokes at the expense of both himself and others. However, when he takes the role as Venom One, captain of the Venom Squadron, Schynid becomes no-nonsense and strict, expecting no horseplay or disobedience from his subordinates. He follows the orders of his superiors to the letter, and is often the one to read the casualty report at the end of a mission.

Schynid was best friends with Insediax Sphexide--the original Venom Three--before his death. As such, mentioning Venom Three around Schynid causes him to become withdrawn and depressed.