Seething Sting

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Seething Sting
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Major Species Keilicaela
Homeplanet Namine
Year Founded 0 RE, following the disbandment of the Descendants of Thutria
Leaders Cythrek prior to his death; unknown successor
Status Defunct
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Unknown; potentially the Verikron Federation (later the Empire of Namine)
Other Affiliations A handful of former Seething Sting members would go on to form the Lethal Sepulcher

The Seething Sting, founded by Cythrek, a Keilicaela martyr of the Occupation of Namine, was a group of the deadliest assassins known to Namine.


The Seething Sting was founded when Cythrek went into hiding in 0 RE in order to carry out his self-appointed mission of further ridding Namine of injustice. He hired only the best infiltrators, assassins, and mercenaries in order to execute his own brand of vigilante justice. Cythrek himself kept a low profile even within the organization in order to make his status as leader unknown to anyone outside of the clan.

After the disbandment of the Descendants of Thutria, the Seething Sting dealt in taking care of crime mainly within the city of Thutria. As the Keilicaela species grew, so did the Seething Sting; they soon had a facility in every known major city, and snuffed out corrupt politicians, serial killers, grand thieves, and all of the sort.

Post-Cythrek's Death

The Seething Sting's activity carried on well until Cythrek's death in 101 RE. With his dying breath, Cyhtrek simply requested that the organization stay on track with their current operations.

With Cythrek gone, multiple sects within the Seething Sting arose. These sects called for the clan to turn into a contract-based assassination group; "the Seething Sting will eliminate anyone for the right price," it was proposed.

However, those loyal to Cythrek's cause detested the new model, causing much debate in how the group was to be run. Eventually, it was decided that the Seething Sting would be split into two groups: those who carried on Cythrek's will, and those who killed for pay; however, the latter must send their contracts to the former so that they may be approved. If the contracts were deemed in opposition to Cythrek's last words, as a fair deal of them were, they were rejected and forbidden from being carried out.

The Schism and Disbandment

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Notable Members