Sky of Pillars

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The Sky of Pillars is an emission nebula within the Milky Way Galaxy in visible proximity to the Empire of Namine colony planet Venguark and its host star. The nebula takes its name from its dominating presence when observed through Venguarkian night sky, as prominent "pillars" of dust and gasses appear to stretch across the firmament. These pillars are rich in Nymerris, and, as such, are one of the primary locations that Firestorm harvests the particles for use in the Pulse Rifle weapon platform.


  • The Sky of Pillars was heavily inspired by the Pillars of Creation, an image taken of the Eagle Nebula.
  • The concept of Firestorm harvesting Nymerris from a nebula was inspired by the album Terminal Redux, wherein life-extending "enocules" were harvested from a nebula that occurred after the star known as Alshain exploded.