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The Sootshrouded are a tribal society of pure-blooded Tvi-Keilicaela isolated in the secluded wastes of the Zarine Ashfield. With an existence dating back to before 1,500 BRE, they are one of the few tribes that survived being pushed to the fringes of the planet by the advent of the city-state and the Occupation of Namine. As such, they are perhaps the only remaining practitioners of the Cult of Namine. Despite geological surveys and other forms of scanning and reconnaissance by the Empire of Namine, the tribe remains undisturbed by modern society and are largely unaware of the going-ons of their Imperial brethren--knowing only that they exist. Conversely, only high-ranking officials within the Empire's military and governmental structure are aware of the existence of the Sootshrouded; they have deemed it best to keep their knowledge of the tribe's existence quiet and leave them to their own devices.