Spears of the Aesir

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Spears of the Aesir
The emblem of the Spears.
Major Species Human
Homeplanet Originates from Earth; operates from a fleet of Dragonhunters
Year Founded Unknown; sometime after 943 PRE
Leaders Hromund the Unsparing
Status Active
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Esperance Pact
Other Affiliations N/A

The Spears of the Aesir, shortened as Spears or sometimes called "space Vikings" out of mockery or bewilderment, are a sizable faction of raiders residing in a fleet of Dragonhunters commanded by Hromund the Unsparing.


The Spears of the Aesir were formed by Hromund the Unsparing to revitalize the Viking way of life in the Milky Way Galaxy. Primarily, they raid commercial freightercraft, trade caravans, space stations, and planet-side facilities of the same vein. These raids are conducted as a means of acquiring new technology, ships, loot, resources, weapons, armor, and even hostages to ransom. Hromund the Unsparing has managed to control his fleet of longships housing multiple Vikings, and, despite a few incidents, keep them aligned under the banner of the Spears and under his control for years.

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Command Hierarchy

Hromund the Unsparing is the self-proclaimed King of the Spears of the Aesir. For each longship in his fleet, he designates a Jarl to serve as what a more "civilized" faction might call a "captain." Each Jarl has dominion over his own longship, but ultimately answers to the King.

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The Spears of Aesir tend to recruit anyone who can prove themselves worthy and will swear loyalty to the gods, Hromund the Unsparing, and the Spears' Jarls. Often, this means offering recruitment to those who survived battle with the Spears but proved themselves fierce and unyielding. If a hostage is offered a place among the Spears, to refuse frequently means to be gutted--or, in more merciful cases, ransomed with the rest of the hostages. By and large, only humans are allowed to join the ranks of the Vikings, though there are exceptions (scant though they may be).

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Having no control over any facility that is not a ship, the Spears of the Aesir cannot (for the most part) manufacture their own vessels, weapons, or armor. Instead, they stage raids (or, more rarely, trade with the few factions not hostile to them) to acquire their tools of war. As such, the raiders of the Spears, when deployed to a planet, will be decked out in a variety of armor from a multitude of different space-faring civilizations. If a set of armor or a weapon is not stolen or purchased, it will have been specially forged by a skilled artisan within Skidbladnir, Hromund the Unsparing's longship. Such custom gear is mostly reserved for Hromund, his Jarls, and those specially gifted with custom gear from Hromund or his Jarls.

Many of the Vikings will customize their armor, carving the Valknut and other Norse symbols and abstract designs into the metal plating of their armor. They may also graft horns to their helmets to accent the style (though many are aware of the historical inaccuracy of this), or even have their helmets rebuilt to resemble ancient spectacle helms. Melee weapons are a favorite of groundside raiders, energized spears and axes designed to break energy shields among them. Raiders may also carry physical shields, though the shield may itself be outfitted with an energy shield generator to protect against projectile weaponry.

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Battle Tactics

Thanks to the resilience of the Dragonhunter, when the Spears engage in planet-side raids, they are known to ram their longships directly into a structure nearby their target in order to wreak chaos.

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Notable Members

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