Stormbound Coalition

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Stormbound Coalition
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Major Species Keilicaela
Homeplanet Qualdron
Year Founded 960 PRE
Leaders Polistid Alascenda
Status Active
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies Qualdron Alignment
Other Affiliations Sided with the Empire of Namine during the Empire-Alignment War and are currently neutral toward the Empire

The Stormbound Coalition is a rebel faction group that resisted the tyrannical rule of Philanthix Sivintalica's Qualdron Alignment until the Alignment was destroyed by the Empire of Namine in 983 PRE. Although the Coalition sided with the Empire during the Empire-Alignment War, this was only for the purposes of removing the Alignment from planet Qualdron. The Coalition still covertly exists and continues to campaign for an independent Qualdron. Whether they intend to go about this peacefully or not remains to be seen.


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