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The Syndicate[1][2] is a military alliance between a handful of spacefaring powers within the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Major Species Ashderian, assorted Ilanian species, Keilicaela, Manumarian, assorted Vasacar species
Homeplanet N/A; often operates in Namine's orbit, headquarted in the Unbroken
Year Founded Likely 980 PRE
Leaders Alaric, Avaene Herral, Nikanicreon Dara'croix, Vespid Heterodonyx
Status Active
Notable Allies None known
Notable Enemies The Arbiters of Kiron, the Compact of the United Civilized Systems of the Milky Way Galaxy (indirect), the Holy Conglomerate of Litiket, the Crysek Heretics, the Flarix, the Grand Order of Avalon, Purity, the Qualdron Alignment
Other Affiliations Coalition of the Alarian Splinter, the Ashderian Regime, the Empire of Namine, and the Vigilant; on speaking terms with the Esperance Pact


Ostensibly, the Syndicate owes its existence to the entente developed between the various peoples involved in the Armada of Namine's Fire's anti-Corruption incursions between the years of 949 PRE and 976 PRE. Given the Armada's wide success in eradicating the Corruption from the Milky Way, the Syndicate's purpose is largely to allow its constituent powers greater military mobility when engaging in joint exercises for the mutual benefit of all member governments. The galvanizing factor behind the continued cooperation of those powers involved in the Syndicate is the continued growth of the Compact of the United Civilized Systems of the Milky Way Galaxy, whose expansionist agenda poses a threat to the sovereignty of all civilized peoples of the Milky Way. The Compact's continued hegemony gives like-minded civilizations impetus to organize into military coalitions such as the Syndicate.

Constituent Powers


  1. Not to be confused with Syndicate, a shitty video game.
  2. Also not to be confused with the other Syndicate, the space America from Sector Seccaro.