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Tearstream assumes that all of time and space is like a quilt. In a quilt, there are small holes created by intersecting strings. Tearstream takes a ship into one of these holes. Once in the hole, the multiverse doesn't "know" where to put the ship. This allows the ship to almost instantaneously jump to any point on any string bordering the hole in which the ship is located.

Bryan, offering an explanation for Tearstream.

Tearstream is a form of faster-than-light travel developed in the year 31 PRE Three years after its completion, the team of Keilicaela scientists responsible formed the corporation Universal Tearstream Solutions as a means to protect their legal rights to Tearstream.


Thegalet: One of the most widely accepted hypotheses about the Stream states that this is the exact point where universes meet, causing a sort of fuzz. Things within the fuzz are displaced, and the continuum doesn't know where to put them. So, without the continuum's direction, we can go anywhere.

Vespid: Or so the hypothesis says.

Thegalet: Right.

Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2 and Vespid Heterodonyx