Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2

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You stumbled into the heart of the Keilicaela Empire, the first victims of the Corruption and consequently some of the galaxy's most defensive, wary assholes. As far as you know, I am second-in-command of these assholes, Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2.

–Thegalet, in his introduction to the Vigilant Reclamation Force.

Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2
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Species N/A (artificial intelligence)
Factions Keilicaela Empire, Terreki Conglomerate (formerly), Terreki Resistance (formerly)
Age 44 Galactic Standard Years
Status Online
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2 (commonly shortened to Thegalet) is Vespid Heterodonyx's companion AI.

Early Development

Thegalet started as Vespid Heterodonyx's pet project. The project, initiated in 942 PRE when Vespid age eleven, (the Keilicaela equivalent of a teenager, mind you) originally saw Thegalet to be a simple data index designated for record-keeping of Vespid's other projects.

Devolpment of the Thegalet Digitized Data Index (TDDI) began in Vespid's room, but had to be dissassembled, moved to his parents' basement, and then reassembled simply due to the sheer size of the TDDI's physical construct.

A stable version, aptly dubbed "TDDI v1.0 R1" was capable of simple tasks such as data storage and lookup of localized databanks, such as data within its own memory and data connected to the local area network of Vespid's home.

(To be expanded upon.)

Version History


  • TDDI 0.1A R1: Functional prototype build
  • TDDI 1.0 R1: First stable build
  • TDDI 1.05 R1: First sentient build; last continuation of the TDDI. Discontinued due to its homicidal tendencies.
  • T-AI 1.05 R2: Revised version of TDDI 1.05 R1. Dampens violence nodes, making this build less likely to try to eviscerate someone via android. Marks the end of the TDDI and the beginning of the official Thegalet-AI project. (Thegalet-AI picked up where TDDI left off, even carrying on the version number.)
  • T-AI 1.09 R1: Considered the first "completed" build of the Thegalet-AI project. A tragic accident involving this version's unchecked malfunctioning depression node led to self-deletion shortly after its release.
  • T-AI 1.09 R2: The final form of the Thegalet-AI project, maintained and online even to this day. Similarly to 1.05 R1's violence node, 1.09 R2's depression node was dampened. This makes him less likely to attempt self-deletion. Much to his dismay, 1.09 R2 has been kept in the dark about the fate of his former R1 self since he came online.


  • An achivement on the old Unbroken Wikia is named after Thegalet.