Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2

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You stumbled into the heart of the Empire of Namine, the first victims of the Corruption and consequently some of the galaxy's most defensive, wary assholes. As far as you know, I am second-in-command of these assholes, Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2.

Thegalet, in his introduction to the Vigilant.

Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2
Placeholder item.png
Species N/A (artificial intelligence)
Factions Empire of Namine, Terreki Conglomerate (formerly), Terreki Resistance (formerly)
Age 44 Galactic Standard Years
Status Online
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Thegalet v1.09 Rendition 2 (commonly shortened to Thegalet) is Vespid Heterodonyx's sapio-synthetic companion AI.

Early Years

Thegalet was activated in 942 PRE and found himself working in the field of logistics shortly thereafter. With his primary function being that of a data index, he was well-suited to keeping inventory of freighter cargo holds as well as assisting the crew with general ship operations. In spite of his brusque and sarcastic personality, Thegalet managed to hold employment in this line of work until the Fall of Namine in 949 PRE. He escaped the burning planet with his then-current lone crewmate, Vespid Heterodonyx, drifing their Chasmstrider towards Terreki.


Terreki Conglomerate

(To be added.)

Terreki Resistance

(To be added.)

Great Crusade

(To be added.)

Second Keilicaela Empire

(To be added.)

Averted Future

(To be added.)

Conclusion of the Boundary Cataclysm and Beyond

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  • An achivement on the old Unbroken Wikia is named after Thegalet.