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Your war is my war.

–Thisposa, in a saying she offers to the few close to her.

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Species Keilicaela
Factions Empire of Namine, Seething Sting (formerly)
Age 53 Galactic Standard Standard Years
Status Alive
Height 7'3
Weight Unknown

Thisposa is a civilian member of the Empire of Namine and a former member of the Seething Sting.

Early Life

Thisposa was born in 933 PRE.

(To be expanded upon.)


Precise, acute, aware, efficient, and deadly, Thisposa is much a product of her upbringing at the hands of the Seething Sting. Although she allegedly left the life of an assassin far behind her, Thisposa's unparalleled skills with the sniper rifle remain to this day. During the Fall of Namine in 949 PRE, she found herself separated from her mate, Vespid Heterodonyx, and cast off from the planet until the rise of the Second Empire of Namine.

Her return to Namine and reunification with Vespid in 979 PRE saw her largely unchanged. Thisposa's adventurous nature paired with sheer luck (or lack thereof) often sees her thrown onto battlefields with Vespid. Although the latter worries ceaselessly over her, she walks away mostly unscathed more often than not.

Some days, she seems rather distant, even to Vespid, despite the pair having confided in each other their deepest, darkest, and perhaps most vile secrets and thoughts.

Perhaps Thisposa is curious about her past, and her detachment is a result of her ongoing search for answers about her life--her absent parents, the circumstances of her abandonment, and why the Seething Sting saved her.


  • Being an orphan raised by assassins, Thisposa has no last name. She is either unable or unwilling to adopt Vespid's surname.