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Unbroken is a fictional universe created by Bryan, Devin, Layne, Levi, and Tyler.


An ancient universe died a gruesome death, its remains coalescing into a singular intelligence: Zaarthren. Lost in a sea of inky void, Zaarthren used the power and knowledge of the dead universe within him to create a new universe in its likeness. Within the burgeoning universe life would emerge--and the young system of stars known as the Milky Way Galaxy would find itself the stage upon which great turmoil and strife would wreak havoc. Unbroken is concerned with the struggles of the factions of the Milky Way, the stories of the characters within those factions, and the worldbuilding within the setting itself.


Primarily, Unbroken's content is recorded and presented on the Unbroken Wiki, though this is mainly for the utility provided to its authors. Many private documents and recordings exist that tell the many stories within Unbroken; such documents and recordings are the source of all information found on the Wiki. Although the authors desire to have at least one complete and definitive document that can serve as an official representation of the project, no such work yet exists, rendering the Wiki the only publicly-available medium for Unbroken content.