Verikron Federation

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Verikron Federation
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Major Species Keilicaela
Homeplanet Namine
Year Founded 0 RE
Leaders Ferkanid Trinalak
Status Defunct
Notable Allies Unknown
Notable Enemies Unknown; possibly the Seething Sting
Other Affiliations Reformed into the Keilicaela Empire following the Great Reunification War of Namine

The Verikron Federation, known for its leadership by Commander-in-Chief Ferkanid Trinalak in its waning years, was a federation of Keilicaela city-states on Namine, existing for all 573 years of the Reformation Epoch. It sparked the Great Reunification War of Namine, thereby conquering the entire planet and forming the First Keilicaela Empire, which would last from 0 PRE-949 PRE.


The Verikron Federation emerged from the shadow of the Occupation of Namine. It originally started as a nonaggression pact between three city-states: Verikron, Skopida, and Thyste.

(To be expanded upon.)