Vokyran Ascendancy

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Vokyran Ascendancy
Vokyran Ascendancy symbol wiki.png
The emblem/flag of the Vokyran Ascendancy.
Major Species Ashderian
Homeplanet Voyakarai
Year Founded 436 RE
Leaders Multiple
Status Defunct
Notable Allies Unknown
Notable Enemies Tyriit
Other Affiliations N/A

The Vokyran Ascendancy is the nation under which both the Vokyrans and the Rivioki were unified. It's considered by many, especially in the Ashderian Regime, to be the pinnacle of Ashderian society.


The Vokyran Ascendancy was a large, successful Ashderian nation whom inhabited a decently sized sector in the Andromeda Galaxy. Built from the unification of two separate factions, the nation was remembered fondly for expanding upon the stability of its predecessors, and bolstering its territory as well as its economic prosperity. It was considered by most Ashderians to be the most successful nation of their species' history. It is survived by its mega-structures and installations--now ancient ruins and bearings of testament to a legacy of splendor that their remnants, the Ashderian Regime, can only hope to replicate.


In 436 RE, two nations--one of the Vokyran people, and one of the Rivioki people--which had been engaged in a symbiotic relationship for hundreds of years, made the decision to unite under a singular national identity. This was carried out to foster better cooperation in joint endeavors, and strengthen their nations overall. Surviving successfully for over 100 years, its name became a symbol of strength and prosperity. All of this was to be violently extinguished by an attack carried out by the Tyriit in 543 RE, which resulted in expatriation of its remnants, whom have remained in the shadow of the Ascendancy's glory to this day.


Their government was a multi-level meritocracy consisting of four-branches and based upon the outline created by its Vokyran predecessor. Their government was efficient, and largely corruption free, but did this with authoritarian policies enacted upon all within politics, and barred most citizens from becoming legislators or policy makers by locking them behind an expansive system of qualifications and required training.

Governmental branches

The four branches were divided up based upon their overarching role in the society, implicitly placing specific importance on each matter. This division was enacted to ensure efficiency, and create the ability for powers to be checked by adjacent branches, as well as to prevent policy spill-over and control issues.

The Combinate Assembly

This branch of the government consists of the legislature for the various territories and planets. This section of the government had the jurisdiction to create laws regarding domestic issues, foreign policy issues, directed resource allocation and government projects, and enacted some economic measures. This branch had a minute amount of control in dealings of war, which was mainly held by the Military branch. Most diplomats for the Vokyran Ascendancy were from the Combinate Assembly. This branch was where the meritocratic policies were implemented the strictest, as being an official was deemed a civic honor, and made one essentially a public servant. Only officials vetted approved by the Juridical Proctorate were allowed to serve.

The Juridical Proctorate

The Proctorate's main role was justice and function oversight. Not only did it handle the punishing of criminals, and ensuring that the law was enforced in the courts, it ensured that the entire government is achieving its goals in a fair fashion. The Proctorate was responsible for amending and approving of some legislation as well. The branch was noted for fostering complete political and moral indifference among its members' dispositions. Its methods were nearly completely secretive. Because of the impartiality of the branch and its members, this branch is tasks with information and archival management. All records, in-fact, were managed by this branch. Governmental corruption was nearly completed eradicated under this branch, and it was oft considered to be more essential to the endurance of the Ascendancy than the Military branch was. It was under this branch that the Sahldari black-ops taskforce was created to carry out missions of a mysterious order, presumably so that the Proctorate could accomplish its more complicated goals.

The Economic Branch

The branch that was responsible for handling the functions of the economy, and making commerce legislation. The Economic branch oversaw the regulation of industries, and was used to implement policy that stimulated the economy in times of crisis. It had jurisdiction over taxes and tariffs, as well as governmental transactions with other nations. Like the Assembly, this branch's actions and policies were vetted by the Proctorate.

The Military branch

Overseen by the Riviok faction, this branch of government was pretty self explanatory. It oversaw all military functions of the Vokyran Ascendancy, and was tasked with the protection of its territories and resources. This branch was granted the right to declare war upon nations it deemed threatening to the Ascendancy. In times of severe military crisis, this branch can take control of the government and its decision making. All decisions, in times of crisis or not, had to be approved by the Juridical Proctorate.


The Rivioki nation, a proud people, maintained legislative and law enforcement control over its own faction despite unification. This was to maintain a balance between societies, and prevent cultural clashing, or cultural homogenization. These policies were very successful. Despite this, oversight by the Proctorate was required, however.

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