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Species Singularity
Factions N/A (Kraniir associations post-war)
Age Unknown (Assumed slightly older than the known universe)
Status Alive
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Zaarthren is the Singularity responsible for the Compendium Singularia, along with the Singularities' rules on interacting with mortals. He is the oldest Singularity, having been the first to come into existence after the destruction of Universe:526F6F74.

Role as a Singularity

Zaarthren documents all of existence's knowledge into the Compendium Singularia. This is a process that he has been undertaking for almost longer than he can remember, and therefore he does little else. His quest for knowledge has brought him wisdom, and as such, the other Singularities look to him as an unofficial leader in times of doubt. More often than not, he provides invaluable insight into points of contention amongst his brethren, including how the Singularities are to interact with mortals. Zaarthren did, indeed, propose that the Singularities strive to not directly intervene in the affairs of mortals. His siblings try to stay true to this, but of course, there were those who faltered.


Wise and insightful with an almost unhealthy lust for knowledge, Zaarthren was decidedly neutral in the Singularity Civil War. A pacifist, he wept on the day his brothers and sisters were more content to kill each other than to create, learn, and discover. Zaarthren is distant and reserved, contemplating the deeper meaning behind every move those inhabiting existence make. He feels a mixture of affection and disappointment for mortals; he enjoys the fruit of his species' desire to create, but is filled with disdain at the sight of the hate mortals can feel for each other.


  • Zaarthren enjoys literature, and has a library spanning the great works of Singularium, Universe:526F6F74, and the Root Universe. During the rare occasions he is not focused on the Compendium, Zaarthren may reach out into the ether and procure yet another mortal text for his vast hoard of tomes.